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Winter has arrived.


Wakaki Ryokan is one of the oldest ryokans in Nasu. Opened in 1961, Wakaki has witnessed many guests' happy moments.


Last month, a lovely couple celebrated their 50 years' wedding anniversary at our ryokan. Seeing our guests bring their children back here again, we feel both honoured and gratified. We got to greet our guests with the phrase "welcome back" after 50 years, this made us feel that running a ryokan for a long time is the happiest thing that could ever happen to us.


Ryokan is an important part of Japanese culture. For almost 60 years, we have been trying to inherit the essence of our culture. Now in our ryokan, you can still enjoy the elegant and tasty"kaiseki" meals; bathe in the same onsen the royal family's villa use; gazing upon the entire Kanto Plain as we did 60 years ago, and looking up at the stars while enjoying the rooftop onsen.


If you just want to find a place for skiing, we have three ski resorts close by. We have got a negotiated rate from the ski resorts, which might save our guests 1000 yen or so per person.  


This is Wakaki Ryokan, we wish to be here in Nasu for longer, we wish to see more guests bringing their children and grandchildren back. No matter when you come back, we are still here, and we are still whom we used to be.




best regards,


Wakaki Ryokan

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